Ever wonder why two people can attempt the same thing and get very different results?
Or have you ever wondered why you have a goal that just seems less than exciting to aim for?
Well I’ll tell you!

When you’ve got a goal, a target or a vision, you not only need to be clear about WHAT it is, but also be clear about WHY it is something you want. Why it’s a must. Why it’s exciting.

This “WHY” is something that should be exciting, specific, inspiring, passionate.
So that along your entire journey of moving forward, you remember this WHY and it gives you even more momentum and even more power to focus in on that outcome.
So instead of saying that you want good grades simply to go to college, why not make it more exciting and specific. I want to get good grades so that I can go to cowboy university to one day become the first ever astronaut cowboy!
Wouldnt that be a little bit more exciting to study for your next test?

Have fun with it and remember, never sell yourself short…DREAM BIG because once your WHY is big enough, the How just falls into place.

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