The Missing Piece: AUTHENTICITY

The eternal vault carrying answers to all of our questions. Yes, Google. Try this out.
Google: "The key to success"
What comes up? A plethora of buzz words including; Attitude, Determination, Preparation, Positive-Thinking and Experience.
You will find dozens of articles articulately outlining who you must be, what you must do and how you must act in order to have the success that you desire.
Those  things may create success, but if you ask me, it seems like a lot of work towards changing who you are in order to succeed at a par level. Is that the kind of success you are looking for?
A vital aspect of creating the success you’re really looking for is often times left out of the articles and search results that you come across. This missing piece is AUTHENTICITY.
While the more common “keys” will surely help you to achieve some level of success, its depth and consistency are far less than the success created by using the power of YOU.
Authenticity involves a lot less effort and a lot more ease than the other “keys” to success. Being authentic is all about BEING, really, that’s it!
Success is different for everyone and one thing you will find is that Authenticity will serve you in your personal and professional journeys.
We’ve all heard of rapport, it’s absolutely vital for rapport to be present with clients, coworkers, friends, classmates, agents, etc.  Being authentic is an incredibly quick way to gain rapport with anyone. Rapport built on falsehood will only last so long, whereas rapport built on truth creates a lasting foundation.
I’ve found that I am more inclined to listen to a salesperson or a promoter if I feel they are really getting to know me or have a real interest in whether or not I need that 2-for-1 Shamwow deal, rather than just speaking to me simply to increase their sales.
So whether you work with people, date people, sell to people or interact with people in any way or form, remember that missing key to boundless success: Authenticity.
Spend more time living as you and less time worrying about being who everyone else wants you to be and you’ll see, that as surprising as it may be, you will be consistently discovering who you are and what you are all about. Live congruently with who you are and you will see an abundant increase of success falling into place in your life.

Alexandra Cooper

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