Making Your Own Decisions: Peer Pressure

Today I’ll give you a little bit of insight on Peer Pressure.
Times can be difficult when we are young adults. There are so many people asking so many things from us and we want to make everyone happy. There are handfuls of external influences that are having an impact on our lives and we can’t juggle them all at once.
Something we can all relate to is pressure from our groups of friends and peers. It’s hard to speak up and say no to these people  because not only do we want to feel included, but we also don’t want to be judged.
An important thing to remember is that no matter who influences your decisions, it is YOU that has to deal with the consequences and effects. The easiest way to take off some of the pressure and stress is to really understand WHO YOU ARE and WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU.
Only you can answer these questions.
Once you have some clarity on this you will be able to find the strength to stick up for yourself and make your own decisions throughout life. Simply put, if there is a question about doing something that isn’t who you are or is counterproductive to the things that are important to you, then the decision is clear. It will no longer be about being accepted and liked because you’ve already discovered that self respect and understanding.
I challenge you to step up as an individual and as a leader to take charge of your life.

Life is made up of choices, don’t let any one else choose for you!

How will you take action on making positive decisions that will benefit your life?

Alexandra Cooper

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