The 5 Steps to Emotional Transformation

Have you ever found yourself in a completely overwhelming and emotional situation? Was there ever a time that you felt helpless as if things were spiraling out of control? I think at some point or another, many of us have experienced a time that was exhausting emotionally, physically and mentally. It’s easy to feel fear and hopelessness in times like these.
I want to give you some direction on a tool I’ve used to chunk down a situation like the ones mentioned above.
The 5 Steps to Emotional Transformation
1. Desire to Change: First we must become open to the opportunity to feel better and to experience the situation with a new mindset.
2. Understanding of Situation: Next, it is very important to open up honestly about what is at the core of the challenging situation. To detach from the situation and not allow it to become our identity. What is your focus? What is causing you pain?
3. Discovery of Purpose: It is vital to realize that we cannot fight or suppress the emotions that are causing pain. These emotions are here to serve us. This is an extremely key part of the process of transformation. 
 Disempowering emotions tend to be a call to action. When I am feeling the emotion of fear, I know that it is challenging my courage and my faith to step up. When I feel the emotion of insecurity, it is challenging my self love and my confidence to step up.
What emotions are being challenged by your current state?
4. Release of Emotions: After receiving the message that these emotions and situations are here to serve, release them! Release the weight now that you’ve become aware of why they are a presence in your life. You’re understanding of their presence means that they have served their purpose.
5. Closure & Acceptance: To create added  closure to the release of the emotions, take some time to reflect. Converse with yourself, outloud even, about  handing over the control and giving complete trust that things will run their course and work out as they are meant to. Acknowledge that you have recieved the call to action and will step up to serve YOU at an even greater level.
What new emotions will you embody to create the outcomes you are looking for?
Disempowering emotions are simply messengers calling you to action!
It is so important to allow yourself to feel every emotion! Allow yourself the experience of learning and growing from not only the highs but also the lows. Embrace the emotions and appreciate their presence, trusting that they are here simply to serve.
The great part about transforming your emotions, is that it is a completely flexible process. Create your own ways of transforming seemingly disempowering emotions into resourceful and empowering emotions.
All we need is within us now, its about unveiling it for yourself, and allowing it to take its blessed course of being.

Alexandra Cooper

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