Let your Resourcefulness & Creativity Thrive

Resourcefulness: ability to act effectively or imaginatively with what is available
Creativity: the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination
These tools are extremely vital elements to success. Whether success is happiness, fulfillment, financial stability, fame, contribution, what ever it is, it will be made even more possible if you embrace being resourceful and being creative.
What do you have in your life NOW? What can you do, that may not be obvious or common, to find results NOW?
How can your current path be made even more so enjoyable? What meanings can you give to everyday events that serve you and others?
Imaginative was mentioned in both definitions, referring to your imagination, or that which is not (yet). What else could we call this? Our VISION! Our DREAM! That vision must be believed in and opportunities must be created for that vision to be actualized. It is only ourselves who can create those opportunities and find in the everyday usual circumstances, the extraordinary and imaginiative ways to make it happen!
What are the Resources you have available to you right now that will move you one step closer to realizing that dream? How can you come up with more ways to embark on your mission?
When it is about striving to succeed rather than striving to not fail, the results produced will be drastically different.  Though it may seem like the intention is the same, striving to succeed provides solutions and stepping stones to move forward whereas striving to not fail focuses on the challenges and staying safe yet stagnant. It is the diffence between fight and flight. Will the adversitybe faced? Will the obstacles be overcome? Or will they be avoided and ignored?
In times of scarcity, resourcefulness is called to action. In times of boredom, creativity is called to life.
What do you have available in your life right now that, using resourcefullness and creativity, that can be a very powerful tool in making progress on your dreams?

Alexandra Cooper

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