Real People, Real Advice: Anna Raghavan Part 2

Here we go for Part 2 of our Real People, Real Advice Interview with Anna Raghavan. You can revisit Part 1 of this interview and all of the valuable messages shared through Anna’s life and experiences by clicking here.

Get Real: Where do you find your strength in hard times?

Anna Raghavan: When I am going through a tough time, I find strength from doing something productive. Even if it’s just going to the gym, taking photographs, or cleaning my room. It’s important for me to channel my energy into something positive so that I don’t get caught up in a cycle of negative feelings.

The easiest thing for us to do when times are tough, is to usually wallow in it and become helpless. The most empowering thing is to take action and fight against that urge to spiral into negativity. What can you do when you are having a difficult time to snap you out of it?

GR: What have been your keys to success?

AR: Hard work and persistence. It is so easy to figure out what you want, acting on it is a totally different story.

In a day and age when everyone is competing and fighting for jobs, to succeed, to be the best, what will set you apart from the crowd? Most people stop in the face of adversity, those who persist and press on are the ones who reach the finish line. Remember, sometimes the things we want most might take the hardest of work, but that is exactly what makes it so rewarding. How bad do you want it?

And lastly, some advice that Anna would like to share:

AR: Dream big and manifest your goals until they become a reality. If you have a goal or an idea, plan it out and take the appropriate steps to get where you want to be.

It’s also important to surround yourself with the right people. Make sure that you are around positive people who encourage you to fulfill your dreams because it takes the efforts of many to achieve something big!

Lastly, make sure that you have fun on a frequent basis. I make sure to plan out a fun activity every week so that I have something to look forward to after a long week of work. Nobody wants to look back on their lives and wish they had more fun!

Thank you to Anna for the time you took out to contribute to Get Real’s Real People, Real Advice series! To our readers, if you would like to be interviewed or if you know someone who would have valuable advice to share, please email us at .

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