Creating Inspiration out of Desperation

In 1977 Terry Fox was diagnosed with bone cancer. Soon after being rushed to the hospital and having his right leg amputated Terry was overwhelmed by how many other people were also suffering from cancer. This inspired him to run across Canada for cancer research. This marathon was called the Marathon of Hope.  He ran 26 miles for 143 days until his cancer had taken it's final toll on him.

Instead of accepting fate when he was diagnosed with cancer, Terry stood up as a leader and set an example to follow as he ran across Canada to raise money for cancer. He set a standard for the whole world to see by not only fighting against the very cancer that he had but for the millions of people around the globe who are affected by it.

Imagine if he never did what he did? Would the world be the same? Terry Fox truly displays the power of what a single human being can do if you have absolute determination and passion driving your spirit.
Most people would consider Terry to be an  extraordinary individual but is he any different than you and I? as a matter of fact, no. the point that I’m trying to make is that we all have the power to make a massive impact on society and we can do so by putting others in front of ourselves and to think about the bigger picture. Whether it’s a small change or a big change that YOU want to make in the world, it all starts with an idea and acting on it.

Marshall Foulkes 
Author of the upcoming book about his life's story, Teen on Drugs. 

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