The 7 Keys to Making the Most of Your Journey

I set a goal a few months ago that was quite the challenge and something outside of my usual habits. It  pushed me to step up and become even more flexible in the face of moving forward towards my goals. It was this experience that allowed me to create The 7 Keys to Making the Most of Your Journey.

1. Prepare: Set yourself up for Success!
  • Be ready with the Resources that you need.
  • As a wise person once said, Prior Proper Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance
  • Make sure that you arm yourself with the tools and resources needed to make this the best journey that you can.
  • Remember: People are great resources.
2. Pace yourself: Stop and Smell the Roses!
  • Pace yourself so that you can enjoy the destination.
  • Avoid burning yourself out by the time you arrive at your destination.
  • Enjoy your surroundings, there is much to learn from the steps we take between our start and finish.
  • Personal goals are not about how fast we achieve them, they are about the experience we have during our journey towards those goals.
  • While setting challenging goals, also be realistic.
3. Create Mini Goals: Celebrate the Stepping Stones of Your Success!
  • Set mini goals that make a task look less daunting
  • Create stepping stones that not only create progress, but are also very attainable.
  • Give meaning to each mini goal that you set.
  • Celebrate at each success to keep the excitement and momentum going.
4. New point of view: Choosing a Path!
  • When decisions need to be made, or paths need to be chosen find a new point of view whether it means asking someone who has already traveled those paths or taking a few steps forward to see how it will work out for you.
  • Remember, there is always someone who has traveled the path you are considering, ask questions and look for answers.
5. Avoid Blame & Justification: Hold Strong on your Standards!
  • Be conscious of your inner voices and curb the disempowering thoughts you may face in challenging times.
  • Use incantations to thwart the discouraging feelings you may naturally feel on your journey.
  • Stand strong on what you want, you deserve to achieve the best, do not cut yourself short.
6. New strategies: Adjust to Serve the Outcome!
  • You may not be able to see everything from where you are Now, make some changes and see how those work out for you.
  • What can you do differently that will help you on this journey or the next one?
  • What challenges did you face and how can you find ways to create situations that set you up for success?
7.  Celebrate & Create: Embrace your Success & Harness that power to create Momentum!
  • Celebrate the incredible things you’ve accomplished and acknowledge all of the things you learned.
  • The end of one journey is only the begining of another journey.
  • Knowing that you have the power and persisitence to accomplish this goal, what even greater thing are you going to start climbing for?
  • Harness this momentum to set forth on all of the things you desire.
This is YOUR life, fear not for the power you hold to create anything you want, instead, embrace that potential and launch yourself into an incredible life of fullfilment and abundance.
This world is a better place because YOU are in it. So please, take your life to the next level and enjoy every second of the process!

Alexandra Cooper

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