Welcome to a website with a mission to empower and inspire each and every one of you through value packed articles and blog posts by our contributors who are real people, just like you! Get Real is creating a community of individuals who can find relatable information to suit their specific niche. 

Let's give you the tour! 

As you can see on the bar above, there are 8 different categories for articles: Actors, Business, Couples, Leaders, Parents, People, Speakers, and Teens. In addition to these 8 categories above, we are also looking for articles by Writers & Speakers. All of the articles are sorted into one of the above categories, but those same articles can also be found below, right here on the home page. 

If you've read something valuable, we do encourage you to pass it along to your network of friends and family. To wrap up the tour, please note that at the bottom of each post there is a "Share" button for Twitter, Facebook, and Email. This will send out a direct link to the article you are viewing, as opposed to copying the URL. Also, join in on the Get Real Community by adding your thoughts and comments to individual posts that you enjoyed.

And lastly..
Are you looking for an opportunity to share your advice and wisdom? Have you learned something great in your life that could help others? Are you looking for a platform to get your message out? If so, we've got a place for you! We are looking for one-time and ongoing contributors to write and submit simple articles and blog posts to Hey, Get Real. We will always include your name and website/business at the end of your article so that our readers and community will know how to find out more about you. 

Welcome, make yourself at home, and stay connected with us through facebook, twitter and subscribing to this page for all of our updates! 


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